†ars vanitatis.

narcyz | male | so homo

私を殺した私心 。

vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas
Anonymous: underground--boy

Soul from my soul, period.

Anonymous: (unless you dont want any friends) how would someone become friends with you/what kind of people do you like being friends with?

I like when people just naturally come into my life and we casually hate on the same things over coffee or spaz over the same stuff. My friends have to be strong minded, can’t get offended easily. And also we gotta share a piece of mind.

Anonymous: littlegalaxy, systemerrorprince and anorexorcized!!

Bruh, again, never talked to these people so no opinion on them.

Anonymous: trash-kadensito

We follow each other but we don’t talk and I don’t tend to have an opinion about people I don’t know.