†ars vanitatis.

narcyz | male | so homo

私を殺した私心 。

vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas

regarding recent fic reblogs.

My arms were bent not his arms ok this would have no sense otherwise just try to picture it.
End of the trex meme.

Anonymous: ahm, well. Just a lonely guy trying to do what I love an make ends meet. I miss all the people from hospital, and I don't know how to keep the qt I met, and lamenting how you're way prettier than me. You?

I kinda sorta feel you on this, but i tell you cheer up. All your current worries will soon be irrelevant. And how about that; gross summer is gonna end &everything will start dying, making all the goths rejoice. Me included.

&thank you for the 4am compliments, they’re important.

Anonymous: I can't look at your blog anymore, shit makes my heart yearn like a motherfucker~ respect over 9000

Shiiitt talk to me more you ultimate being.

Anonymous: <3 you are perfect.

/demonic 3am blush